( 09 / Nov / 2016 )

Hate has won and America has lost.

We live in a world where the new First Lady copied a speech but ended up with an A, and where a bully will be the President of the United States. This is more than just about funny posts mocking the result. The country went from their first black President to the first President endorsed by the KKK. This is a man who is fundamentally concerned with construction whilst publicly mocking the disabled. He wears his hatred for minority groups and outright disrespect for women like a badge of honour.

Annoyingly, the media partially normalised his demagoguery by playing it 24/7. Let’s not let this behaviour become normal and grow. A political tone of fear and hatred has prevailed. Trump’s own Twitter was taken away by his campaign staff. If somebody doesn’t have the self control to handle a twitter account, how can they handle the nuclear codes? His approach to foreign policy, climate change and national security is chaos and now he & his cabinet are in charge for FOUR years with a Republican controlled congress.

On a more positive note, perhaps the Left and Independents will unite through this. At the end of the day, this is democracy and the decision is final. We can only go forward from here. However with the backward thinking that may arise I urge my generation and others, in a time of intolerant rhetoric, to think for yourself, see reason and be kind to all.
Be proactive in movements and come together as one with compassion leading us, because safety may be put in danger and a xenophobic misogynist is set to be leading the most powerful country on earth.



Sandali’s Reveries


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