Medical Poetry

There will be times of difficulty and there will be times when you feel uneasy.
When you feel like giving up, remember that you, yourself, are medical poetry.

Remember that you use 200 million cells to take one step forward, so do not vilify yourself for the journey you have walked thus far. It has taken effort and every single aspect of your anatomy has conspired to help get to where you are.

Remember that your left lung is smaller than your right lung, simply to make room for the heart you hold within your chest. At your most primal level your heart was favoured, it took precedence. Let it grow for it will never cease to carry the whole world within it. Dream with your heart and then build with your mind.


Remember that you shed your tired skin every twenty-one to twenty-eight days. You were not made to hold your troublesome history within you, you were not made to carry it all on your back. You physically let go of every tear-stained skin cell, of every pair of foreign hands that unbuttoned your shirt but never your troubles; you let go of every regret, insecurity and mistake. You carry the lessons and you are always gifted a clean slate.


Remember that your tongue is made up of not one but eight different muscles. You were formed to speak — so speak loud and clear and honest. Communicate with others and share. Speak about your sensations, your curiosity, your aches, your joy. However insignificant it may seem, speak about your incredibly unique story, share it with the world.

Remember that the carbon in your body is the same carbon that courses through this Earth and builds up mountains. Let this remind you that you can stand alone, you can stand tall, for just like Everest, just like Fuji, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Remember that the bones within your body are as strong as granite. You are never broken, you are not weak. When you feel like you couldn’t possibly bear the weight of heartbreak, of disappointment, of growth, remember that your foundations are stronger than concrete. You were made to endure, you were made to withstand.


Repeat after me: you were literally made to survive. When you feel like all hope is lost, remember that all your cells care about is you. Every single part of you, every single perceived flaw and every single aspect of who you are, was made with the intention of defying the odds. An extraordinary phenomenon that should not only survive, but thrive. You are a living, breathing, thinking, sensational miracle.
You were bred from tough, celestial pieces of this world, and therefore it will never be able to defeat you.


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