At Night


At night moments of life take on a different quality. Food, walks, warmth, love, time, quiet, books, seasons – transform. How different each of these are in the daylight and in moonlight’s mystery.

At night we ponder on our moments. Moments of delight and moments of yearnings that are momentarily blinded by the sun. It’s when we become poets, and grow into philosophers.

At night, the tranquillity allows one’s most tender, authentic and suppressed sides to come out to play, under the tolerant eyes of the stars. It’s for the richest of emotions. It’s when we form regrets of days past and deep-rooted anger for those who hurt us. It’s when we choke on our tears through agonising sobs that pour out onto dark pillowcases.
Yet it’s also when we fall in love. That passionate, all-consuming love that looks a little different in the light of day.

The night is for romance, longing and trouble. Both the spontaneous and meticulous plans of friends arise. Sneaking around, impulses and mischievous manners emerge. It’s when we go for the risks we never would have dared try in the light of day, under the watchful eyes of the sun.

The moon is for things unseen, things done in the shadows and beneath the fog. It’s where plans are made in dark alleyways, under bridges and beneath bed sheets — it’s for wild hearts and unconcerned minds.

The night brings curious conversations full of vulnerability and honesty. Revelations and secrets are revealed under the soft haze of light, coming through the cracks of closed shutters. When the moon reflects the light of the sun, we have time to reflect what life is to us. At night, there is comfort before the dawn.



Sandali’s Reveries

(P.S My name means moonlight) 🙂


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