The Explorer

The Explorer The boots laced hair in mouth, hair in face, the warm wind that carries her away from this place. The tickets for the planes, the long sleeper trains, the search for direction from rusted weather vanes. The fingertips brushing the green, the jeans not quite clean, gazing at the city lights, what secrets … More The Explorer

At Night

At night moments of life take on a different quality. Food, walks, warmth, love, time, quiet, books, seasons – transform. How different each of these are in the daylight and in moonlight’s mystery. At night we ponder on our moments. Moments of delight and moments of yearnings that are momentarily blinded by the sun. It’s … More At Night

The Intellectual

It was always the questions, for the answers just led to more questions; lip-biting curiosity. Tranquil eyes grasping life, through words and pages. I can still see her feet, propped high enough on the chair for gravity to tug the blood from the tips of her toes. I can still see the book, ink stained … More The Intellectual

He speaks

Listen: he speaks Hindi, melodic and suave, earthy Punjabi, salty-rich as saag paneer, coastal Swahili entwined with warm Arabic. He speaks Urdu, language of dancing peacocks, rosewater fountains – even its curses are charming. He speaks Gujarati, solid, ancestral pride. He speaks Sinhalese, dramatic, rhythmic, musical. Several words to choose from, for one definition, depending … More He speaks

Eating Seasonally

As winter departs and spring approaches I look forward to the emergence of green that warms my nature-loving heart. (Seriously though, have you seen me around cherry blossoms?!) I will, however, truly miss the 4 pm sunsets, the stretched out nights and most importantly the food. That’s right, winter food. This may be confusing to … More Eating Seasonally

Valencia (Vamos!)

In the middle of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline lies Valencia, a charming city backed by mountains and plains. It is situated on the banks of the Turia river on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula and is the third largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona.  The city’s winding streets, modern museums, pious cathedrals and mediterranean shores … More Valencia (Vamos!)

Medical Poetry

There will be times of difficulty and there will be times when you feel uneasy. When you feel like giving up, remember that you, yourself, are medical poetry. Remember that you use 200 million cells to take one step forward, so do not vilify yourself for the journey you have walked thus far. It has … More Medical Poetry